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The Insanity of BMI

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Health, Size Acceptance | Posted on 01-03-2008


Kate Harding created this very cool slide show to show just how absurd it is to rely on body mass index to determine whether or not people are at a healthy weight.

BTW - I did not "miss" blogging yesterday. February 29 was the only "day of rest" for Blog365, so I took it 🙂 It felt odd, though!

Comments (4)

Thanks for shar­ing this. It makes some­one who falls just in the “obese” range feel a lot better.

That’s real­ly nifty. 

And I’m quite amused at the blog365 day of rest 🙂 It makes per­fect sense, though.

I am in the flickr col­lec­tion for BMI, but she did not use me in the Slideshow. I was intro­duced to size accep­tance a while ago, and it has real­ly changed how I look at health and weight đź™‚

Great slide show. Thanks for shar­ing that