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The Insanity of BMI

Kate Harding created this very cool slide show to show just how absurd it is to rely on body mass index to determine whether or not people are at a healthy weight.

BTW - I did not "miss" blogging yesterday. February 29 was the only "day of rest" for Blog365, so I took it 🙂 It felt odd, though!


  1. HopeEvey says:

    That’s real­ly nifty. 

    And I’m quite amused at the blog365 day of rest 🙂 It makes per­fect sense, though.

  2. Krista says:

    I am in the flickr col­lec­tion for BMI, but she did not use me in the Slideshow. I was intro­duced to size accep­tance a while ago, and it has real­ly changed how I look at health and weight đź™‚

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