Tuesday, Tuesday

I actually had a good night’s sleep! As a result, I was able to get up and make my own breakfast this morning—that doesn’t happen very often. Before 6 am, even!

Unfortunately, my body has decided that it’s a good time to take a nap, so I think I’m going back to bed shortly.

I’m still bubbling over with randomness, poor readers.

sambear is off to a Department of Labor orientation (yet another one—they should call them “seminars” or something). He woke curiousmay9 at my request just before leaving, as I was starting to suspect that she probably intended to rise well before the time she’d normally be working already. I was right. I’d wish I had woken her earlier, but I know she needed the sleep. Her boss is lovely, so I don’t think there’ll be any problems as a result.

The house is so quiet! Even the cats are napping. The only sound I hear is their drinking fountain burbling away. Know what I don’t hear? The dishwasher!

Did I mention that we got a new dishwasher? Yep! It was installed Friday afternoon. It’s marvelous AND looks nice, with the stainless steel front. It takes far less than half as much time to deal with dishes now because there’s absolutely no need to rinse them at all. It has dealt with the ickiest dried-on stuff I’ve thrown at it (testing it, to make sure it’s what we want). It has its own disposal to deal with the food washed off the dishes so that it doesn’t spray the gunk back up on them. And we can hardly hear it at all!

The old dishwasher is out in the shed and will be Freecycled if we’re still happy with this one after a month. It was getting dishes dirtier than they went in, but it’s possible that someone could fix it, I suppose.

I’m participating in a fairly new mailing list, Civility in Action. When I saw this quote this morning, I had to share it with them. I figure I might as well toss it at you, too:
Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back.
–Thomas Sowell

I’m missing my ga_sunshine, and trying to figure out when I can go see her and get/give snugs in person. Guess I should ask her about it, but we all know I’m pushy (and that’s the NICE way to put it).

Yahoo is being very annoying. I am trying to change settings for most of the members of a VERY large group. I can get through maybe one page of people (20-30, I think), and then it gives me an annoying “This page is currently unavailable” error. I’m getting it when trying to view ANYTHING at Yahoo!Groups, so I assume it isn’t just me. Hmph.

I don’t think we’re going to be able to have the maids in this week, dangit. The house is looking pretty good, but they scrub the toilets and otherwise take care of things that need to be done, which I can’t do.

We have two projects for which we have materials, but not labor. We need to hang up more blinds and finish staining shelves to go in curiousmay9‘s closet. We also need to change the air filter in the attic and check the ductwork up there, because we think something may have come loose—shadowkatt‘s bedroom just isn’t getting ANY airflow. We’ve yet to replace the upstairs thermostat, which is broken. That requires taking off the old thermostat to identify which sort we have to buy (something about the number of wires that are in place).

If I keep on with the to-do list, I’m going to get all antsy and try to do too much, so I’d best stop now.

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