What do you want to read or hear?

I record­ed some more pieces, but need to wait for Sam to “pro­duce” them (clean them up and add appro­pri­ate music). One of them isn’t some­thing I would have cho­sen myself, but Todd, who cre­at­ed Live Read­ings, asked to hear oth­ers read it. It turned out bet­ter than I thought it would. And it was fun to do some­thing that I would­n’t have chosen.

So it’s request time! What would you like me to record, or write about?

I start­ed to write a post ear­li­er, and it wan­dered all over my men­tal world to become some­thing com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent than what I’d intend­ed. I need to let that one sim­mer a bit more, I think, because I’m not sure that I’m ready to open myself to the whole world at that lev­el of intro­spec­tion right now.

I stitched for about an hour tonight, and Sam and I had a very past-faced game ses­sion. There was a major bat­tle which wrapped up an impor­tant issue, but for some rea­son it felt anti­cli­mac­tic. My char­ac­ter chose to sneak up on the big bad guy and kill him with­out warn­ing or con­ver­sa­tion1 I had to won­der, after­wards, if that choice chopped off some planned sto­ry that would have hap­pened if I had inter­act­ed with him a lit­tle more.

I did­n’t go to my appoint­ment today, because I spent most of last night up sick. It real­ly does seem that I might have the flu. Urgh. Not what I need! The neu­rol­o­gist did­n’t need my germs, and I was too out of it to get there and home safely.

1 Hey, he was a necromancer/shaman work­ing with a demon god­dess and shark peo­ple pirates who have been breed­ing humans for food. There was­n’t real­ly any­thing to nego­ti­ate, you know? and my char­ac­ter start­ed out as a rogue. Why waste the back­stab bonus? I don’t get to do that much any more.

3 Replies to “What do you want to read or hear?”

  1. Cyn,
    Thanks for the read­ing. It was real­ly well done. I enjoyed lis­ten­ing to it. Hint hint, please record more.

    Thanks also for the link to Live Read­ings. Would love to have more listeners.

    Your RPG ses­sion sounds inter­est­ing and makes me miss the days. 🙁

  2. If you ever get down to Atlanta, we’ll have to play 🙂 

    I’ll record more, I promise! I need help from Sam to clean up the record­ings, though. Some day, I’ll learn to do that on my own. But he’s so good at it!

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