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I’m feel­ing ter­ri­bly achy but some­what hyper. Weird com­bi­na­tion. But it does per­mit lots of pro­duc­tiv­i­ty. All the laun­dry is done—I mean absolute­ly done. Noth­ing lurk­ing in any ham­pers any­where. Wait, R might have brought home some dirty gym clothes, but oth­er than that, all of the laun­dry is done. Okay, I have one bas­ket of stuff to iron.

The liv­ing room and office are a lit­tle clut­tered because I’m still in the midst of mov­ing one more book­case upstairs. How­ev­er, as soon as it is in place, I can fin­ish putting all of the non-fic­tion books on it and in order. Katie and I got all of the fic­tion and gam­ing books in order down­stairs ear­li­er. We’re even get­ting the mag­a­zines we save (stuff like Nation­al Geo­graph­ic and MZB’s Fan­ta­sy) out on shelves in order now! I’ve NEVER been able to access the mag­a­zines like that, and it has been many a year since the books were all neat and ordered on shelves. None in box­es. Not one!

sam­bear seems a lit­tle stunned by, “Yes. The books are in order. Fic­tion is alpha­bet­i­cal by author, non-fic­tion is arranged by sub­ject.” I fig­ure there prob­a­bly has­n’t ever been a time when in his life (cer­tain­ly not his adult life) when his books were actu­al­ly set out like this. He worked in a library at one time, so he’ll get used to it. Might even like it. I think he secret­ly likes being able to imme­di­ate­ly put his hands on a desired CD due to the alpha­bet­ized CD rack, but he has­n’t admit­ted it yet. The soft­ware is still a lit­tle dis­or­ga­nized, but I’m get­ting there. I keep orga­niz­ing that stuff, but I’ve yet to con­vince any­one else that putting a CD back in its case and in its des­ig­nat­ed place after use is a rea­son­able, even desir­able, thing. If we actu­al­ly man­age to find enough shelf space for that, it will be good.

We still need to weed out the books a bit, although I tried to do that as we put them on the shelves. Blend­ing lives means that we have more than one copy of quite a few books. Now with some books, yes, we need mul­ti­ple copies, because we tend to loan them out and they don’t always come home. But with most, one copy is plen­ty. And I have a mess of home­school­ing stuff that we aren’t using anymore.

All of the games and puz­zles have been neat­ly put away in cab­i­nets, too. And the big tub of tod­dler-safe toys has been dumped out, cleaned up, and put away neatly.

So now I just need to wait for Sam to get home to help with the book­case. Yes, I could car­ry it upstairs—I’ve done so before with an iden­ti­cal book­case. But he gets real­ly angry when I do things like that by myself. So I’m try­ing to be patient. Try­ing REALLY HARD.

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