Annoying Cramps

Growl. Grrr.

I don’t normally get cramps, but I have them horribly right now. I don’t know if that’s my body’s way of trying to avoid homework or what, but it HURTS! Since I don’t usually get them, I’m not even sure what to do about them. With the meds I take all the time, I’m hesitant to take anything else. I guess it’s the heating pad for me. And maybe a hot bath.

Otherwise, sambear and four folks new to our gaming world have been doing character creations for about three hours. I don’t know if they’re close to being done or not. I hate that process. I like figuring out who a character is, where she came from, etc.—but all the numbers crap just leaves me cold. I’m much happier with this happening now, before any gaming sessions, than taking time from a session. Hopefully klrmn will be able to come over tomorrow or sometime soon to make up her character.

Five new people plus kingjames and myself mean seven people in the game. I’m not happy about that. I know sambear is hedging his bets because people don’t usually find it possible to make every session, but I’m quite spoiled. I think I’m becoming, like mique_mique, quite hesistant to play in any game with more than three players—preferably two.

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