Whoops! Video Link Correction & Credit

The video I ded­i­cat­ed to Katie isn’t actu­al­ly called Wake Up Cat, and it has been pulled from YouTube (or it was—it seems to be back, now).

The piece is by ani­ma­tor Simon Tofield of Tan­dem Films, and is prop­er­ly titled Cat Man Won. You can view it on their site.

3 Replies to “Whoops! Video Link Correction & Credit”

  1. Actu­al­ly, the video is called “Cat Man Do”, rather that “Cat Man Won”. That is from the link on the Tan­dem website.

  2. PS… Accord­ing to Tan­dem Films, they seem very pleased that the video has been so pop­u­lar on viral websites.

  3. “Cat Man Do” is a bet­ter title. I have no idea how I got that wrong! I’m glad they’re hap­py about the video’s spread. I don’t feel bad about link­ing to it, now!

    Thanks 🙂

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