Need a Volunteer

Teriya­ki chick­en and bas­mati rice. Umm­m­m­mm. It is SO love­ly hav­ing a part­ner who enjoys cooking!

The funer­al for curiousmay9’s father is Sat­ur­day. We’re try­ing to work out a way for one of us to go down to Flori­da to join her. She def­i­nite­ly needs some­one by her side. She appre­ci­ates all the prayers and love sent her way.

It is like­ly to be Sam, as he trav­els much bet­ter than I do and will there­fore be able to be more help­ful when he gets there. (I’m already in some­thing of a pain flare, and fear that I’d arrive bare­ly able to walk.) I’ve also got to be at the ortho­don­tist’s office with Katie Fri­day morning—she’s hav­ing her braces put on.

Sam’s ex-wife’s fam­i­ly is sup­posed to come to load up his kids’ stuff for ship­ping to Cal­i­for­nia this Sun­day at noon. I absolute­ly do not want to be the only adult here when that happens—in fact, I’d pre­fer hav­ing sev­er­al oth­er peo­ple here as wit­ness­es. That whole fam­i­ly is absolute­ly crazy, and not in a nice way. I ful­ly expect SOME kind of dra­ma, or them try­ing to force their way in. We have stat­ed that we’ll place the kids’ stuff out­side our apart­ment, and they can take it from there. I just don’t want them in here, peri­od. Heck, hav­ing them that close makes me feel like we’ll need to do a cleans­ing rit­u­al after­ward! I feel fair­ly sure that the like­li­hood of nas­ti­ness will go down in pro­por­tion to the num­ber of wit­ness­es around.

I con­sid­ered ask­ing my par­ents to be here, but Dad­dy’s back does­n’t han­dle long dri­ves so well, and this is one heck of a dri­ve from their side of town. I don’t want him to be tempt­ed to pick up any­thing heav­ier than a cof­fee mug, either. They’d come if I asked, absolutely-but I don’t want to ask and be respon­si­ble for Dad­dy hurt­ing more.

word­can­dlemage has said he’d come be all knight­ly for me—could I get anoth­er vol­un­teer, maybe? I’m cer­tain we’ll have a Net­flix or two here that we could watch. Sam won’t be here so I make no promis­es of feed­ing you as he would—sorry. And, of course, there’s the pool for any­one who’d like to swim.

One caveat—I real­ly don’t want any kids exposed to those freaks if it’s pos­si­ble to avoid it. They are just—icky (shud­ders). If I can get Katie and G estab­lished else­where dur­ing that time, they won’t be here either.

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