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Teriyaki chicken and basmati rice. Ummmmmm. It is SO lovely having a partner who enjoys cooking!

The funeral for curiousmay9‘s father is Saturday. We’re trying to work out a way for one of us to go down to Florida to join her. She definitely needs someone by her side. She appreciates all the prayers and love sent her way.

It is likely to be Sam, as he travels much better than I do and will therefore be able to be more helpful when he gets there. (I’m already in something of a pain flare, and fear that I’d arrive barely able to walk.) I’ve also got to be at the orthodontist’s office with Katie Friday morning—she’s having her braces put on.

Sam’s ex-wife’s family is supposed to come to load up his kids’ stuff for shipping to California this Sunday at noon. I absolutely do not want to be the only adult here when that happens—in fact, I’d prefer having several other people here as witnesses. That whole family is absolutely crazy, and not in a nice way. I fully expect SOME kind of drama, or them trying to force their way in. We have stated that we’ll place the kids’ stuff outside our apartment, and they can take it from there. I just don’t want them in here, period. Heck, having them that close makes me feel like we’ll need to do a cleansing ritual afterward! I feel fairly sure that the likelihood of nastiness will go down in proportion to the number of witnesses around.

I considered asking my parents to be here, but Daddy’s back doesn’t handle long drives so well, and this is one heck of a drive from their side of town. I don’t want him to be tempted to pick up anything heavier than a coffee mug, either. They’d come if I asked, absolutely‐but I don’t want to ask and be responsible for Daddy hurting more.

wordcandlemage has said he’d come be all knightly for me—could I get another volunteer, maybe? I’m certain we’ll have a Netflix or two here that we could watch. Sam won’t be here so I make no promises of feeding you as he would—sorry. And, of course, there’s the pool for anyone who’d like to swim.

One caveat—I really don’t want any kids exposed to those freaks if it’s possible to avoid it. They are just—icky (shudders). If I can get Katie and G established elsewhere during that time, they won’t be here either.

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