2003 Review

I did this last year, and it was inter­est­ing to go back and read it today. I think one of the things I like most about keep­ing a jour­nal is the abil­i­ty to review the past with­out quite as much reliance on my mem­o­ry. Look­ing at the list of things I want­ed to do in 2003 is encour­ag­ing, as I did achieve most of them.

Five things that 2003 taught me:
1) No amount of love will ever be enough to help those who refuse to even acknowl­edge their problems.
2) Rad­i­cal hon­esty does work.
3) If I don’t take care of myself, I can­not be a good par­ent or partner.
4) If I want some­thing, I have to ask for it very clear­ly and specifically.
5) I am not respon­si­ble for my part­ner’s rela­tion­ships with oth­ers. No mat­ter how close we are, his rela­tion­ships are his own to handle.

Five per­son­al­ly sig­nif­i­cant events of 2003:
1) The end of our quad
2) sam­bear’s chil­dren leav­ing to live with their mother
3) Return­ing to college
4) Liv­ing more fru­gal­ly and happily
5) Spend­ing a lot more time with sam­bear

Five things I want to do in 2004:
1) Become a bet­ter student
2) Sub­mit at least 2 arti­cles for sale/publication
3) Con­tin­ue to improve my health
4) Get involved with a new musi­cal group
5) Devel­op more friendships

Five things I don’t want to do in 2004:
1) Let myself fall behind on my school projects
2) Let the house get out of control
3) Get entan­gled in unhealthy relationships
4) Lose sight of my goals
5) Put up with unwar­rant­ed dra­ma from anyone

Five peo­ple who I’d like to know bet­ter in 2004: (I’m exclud­ing those in my house­hold this time)
1) curiousmay9
2) word­can­dlemage
3) Marie
4) hopeev­ey
5) waya and otter­gr­rl
6) crim­son­blos­som
7) fae­bouche
Actu­al­ly, there are lots of peo­ple. Lots and lots. I know I’m leav­ing peo­ple out acci­den­tal­ly, and I don’t want to hurt any­one’s feelings.

This year has been less excit­ing than the last in good ways. The cus­tody bat­tle was the most dra­mat­ic part of the year, and while we still aren’t hap­py with the results it is, at least, over. Our small­er house­hold is much hap­pi­er and more peace­ful. Sam lost his job, which was actu­al­ly a bless­ing in disguise—he absolute­ly hat­ed that job. He had time to recov­er and regroup before going back to work, and we got to spend a lot more time togeth­er than we have in the past.

We reduced our expens­es, mov­ing to an apart­ment and rear­rang­ing things so that we can get by with just one vehi­cle. I went back to school. I believe we main­tained bet­ter bound­aries with every­one we inter­act­ed with than we have in the past. We freed our­selves from a lot of clut­ter, both phys­i­cal and oth­er­wise. We have put more ener­gy into the impor­tant things in our lives than the mere­ly urgent ones.

It has been a very good year. I feel more pos­i­tive about the future than I have in years. I know that things will con­tin­ue to improve as we con­tin­ue to do the right things. I wish the same for all of you.

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