Blah – Spammers Are Scum

Not that it’s news to anyone, I know. But Defensio was down this evening (because of an Amazon server failure), which meant that all of our sites have been slammed with comment spam. They all get hit constantly, but it’s usually a non-issue because Defensio filters almost 100% of the crap before we see it. These outages serve to remind us of how great the service is.

I notice that my older posts are the ones that get the most spam comments. I’ve looked for some sort of plugin to automatically disable comments on posts after a week or so, but I haven’t found one so far. I finally gave in today and started back with the very first post on this blog, disabling comments. It is a tedious process! I’m sure that someone could write a script that would do the same thing in the MySQL database much faster, but I’m not that someone.

Sam has to go back to work tomorrow. Pout. I’ve really enjoyed having him home.

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2 thoughts on “Blah – Spammers Are Scum

  1. re: spammers – I couldn’t agree more. The crap we get trying to post to the StellarCon forums is amazing.

    re: less SamBear time – I’d pout too. **hugs**

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