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Wake Up Cat

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Critters, Humor | Posted on 27-10-2007


Dedicated to The Girl

Kioshi is not allowed in the room when I'm trying to sleep, because he either keeps me awake, or lets me get just into sleep, then goes on a tear knocking things off every surface in the room.

But the girl—let's just say he might really want that baseball bat!

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My sister’s cat will sit on her chest and just stare at her until she wakes up. Appar­ent­ly that cat has a very weighty stare.

This explains much. We have two cats, both of whom seem to believe that the bed is theirs and we’re only allowed to sleep in it because we feed them.

[…] The video I ded­i­cat­ed to Katie isn’t actu­al­ly called Wake Up Cat, and it has been pulled from iTunes (or it was — it seems to be back, now). […]

I just about fell out of my chair gig­gling at this. It reminds me of Char­lotte in the morning.