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Public Transit

Posted by Cyn | Posted in NaBloPoMo | Posted on 30-03-2012


Plinky asked, “If pub­lic trans­porta­tion were avail­able in your neigh­bor­hood, would you use it?”

MARTA Bus Stop Sign

I do use it! It’s much cheaper than main­tain­ing a car, when you con­sider the cost of insur­ance, gas, upkeep, etc. For those of us who don’t care to drive (or whose health removes dri­ving as an option at times) or who want to “go green,” pub­lic tran­sit is a very impor­tant resource.

I only wish MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Tran­sit some­thing) were extended to cover all of metro Atlanta. Right now, it is really only a viable option for reach­ing a small por­tion of the metro area.

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