Plinky asked, “Do you believe in fate?”

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No, I don’t believe in fate at all. Fate implies some over­all pow­er or force in charge of the uni­verse that over­rides free will and human choic­es, and I com­plete­ly reject that notion. 

Peo­ple’s lives are affect­ed by what hap­pens to them, by the genet­ic lot­tery and the envi­ron­ment in which they are raised, and by how they respond to all of the above. Sci­ence is show­ing that more than we ever real­ized is pre­de­ter­mined by genet­ics and things like your grand­par­ents’ diets and health, but if that were the whole sto­ry Barack Oba­ma would­n’t have grown up to be the President.

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