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Posted by Cyn | Posted in Family, Geekery, Health, Reading | Posted on 13-08-2008


I didn’t sleep very well last night, although I man­aged to stay up all day yes­ter­day (unusu­al late­ly). Unfor­tu­nate­ly, I end­ed up sleep­ing most of the day, today, and I’m still sleepy! So I hope I can sleep well again, tonight.

I have a fever, too, so appar­ent­ly push­ing myself to not nap was a bad idea. Doctor’s orders are still to lay down 15 min­utes of every hour, which makes it dif­fi­cult to get much done at a time. Oh well. It’s bet­ter than a fever.

The girl got home safe­ly, but didn’t go out with her friends tonight as planned due to a threat­en­ing migraine. They didn’t real­ly see much of the mete­or show­er, because the skies were too cloudy, but they did have fun.

I fin­ished read­ing the sec­ond of Kat Richardson’s Grey­walk­er books today, Pol­ter­geist. Very good stuff, and a nice change from some of the too-com­mon urban fan­ta­sy themes. The library is hold­ing Under­ground for me, which I hope to pick up tomor­row.

The mail brought an O’Reilly JavaScript book to review for TCM, so I’ll be work­ing on that dur­ing my more coher­ent wak­ing hours for a bit.

Comments (2)

Is the O’Reilly JavaScript book new or pre-pub? I’m about to start pay­ing real atten­tion to JavaScript for my work, and I’d love to bor­row it when/​if that’s okay. But if it’s an old­er one, I can prob­a­bly find it at a library.

It’s either very new or pre-pub – that’s all we review. I’d be hap­py to loan it out as soon as I’ve reviewed it.