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Europeans Continue Coming to Their Senses

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Health, Size Acceptance | Posted on 19-04-2008


About models and the effects of the media on body image in their populations, at least. Following Spain's move last year that banned ultra-thin models from catwalks, France is acting. The "French parliament's lower house adopted a groundbreaking bill Tuesday that would make it illegal for anyone — including fashion magazines, advertisers and Web sites — to publicly incite extreme thinness."

British researchers are also recommending action. "With constant images of stick-thin, size-zero models, tiny-waisted pop princesses and actresses is putting young girls' health at risk and fueling the rise in eating disorders, according to Professor Janet Treasure of the Eating Disorders Research Unit at Kings College London."

It's a relief to know that, somewhere in the world, people are paying attention to this stuff. It's tiresome to hear the constant folderol about the "obesity epidemic" here in the U.S., with almost no balancing coverage.

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