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Time Sinks

Thanks to an LJ friend, I spent a whole lot of the last few days reading The Law Dog Files. The man really does need to put together a book of his stories, or maybe a few books, because he is hilarious. I don't entirely agree with his politics, but I don't entirely disagree, either. His stories are more than worth bypassing a few things that might otherwise annoy me. I highly recommend perusing the archives any time you're in need of a laugh.

Thanks to Law Dog, I've also been reading a bit at The Cornered Cat, which is an eminently practical site about guns, written by a woman and including far more information about dealing with feminine clothing and concealed carry than I've ever found before. I'll be spending more time over there.

I read Night Life by Caitlin Kittredge, and am hoping that the library will come through with a copy of Pure Blood soon.

Since I don't have Pure Blood here right now, I went on to Rachel Vincent's Stray, and went on to Rogue. It's nice to read about werecats instead of werewolves for a change. I am occasionally annoyed by the main character making the same mistakes over and over again, but I haven't felt it necessary to toss the books across the house, so it's bearable. So far.