Nerd Joy!

We’ve been scanner-deprived for many months now, because the multifunction printer gave up the ghost. We acquired an older model HP scanner via Freecycle a while back, but it wouldn’t work. The moving bit inside had been locked down for transport, and just wouldn’t unlock. It is never a good thing when you get a burning smell out of a piece of computer equipment.

But Sam attacked it with screwdrivers and pliers and brute force tonight, and made it work! Squee!

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One thought on “Nerd Joy!

  1. Yay for the Geek Squad

    I can see it now, Sam peers into the scanner, the scanner imp say, “Go away, or I’ll call the Geek squad!” He responds, “I’m on the Geek Squad.” the imp looks his skills up and down, retorting, “You are the Geek Squad!”

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