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More Fun Reading from Carrie Vaughn

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Reading | Posted on 25-11-2007


I really needed another fiction author to follow, right? But I've seen this series of books about a werewolf named Kitty, and I finally got a chance to read them. I finished the first, Kitty and the Midnight Hour, today and jumped right into Kitty Goes to Washington. I have Kitty Takes a Holiday all lined up and ready to go, but I'm already wishing that I had the next volume, Kitty and the Silver Bullet. And that, my dears, is a sign of a fine author spinning a very good yarn, considering all the other books waiting and ready on my shelf.

The library has the books labeled as horror, but I'd put them in the paranormal romance/dark fantasy category. Happily, the "romance" part isn't the most significant one, and doesn't get in the way of good plot. There was a moment today when I wondered if ">Vaughn and Kim Harrison had shared a brain to a small extent, but they've dealt with a superficially similar issue in very different ways.

If it weren't for the fact that I just finally got done with my school assignments for the week, and must get up when Sam does in the morning, I'd probably be sitting up reading!

Now I really need to find a source for these short stories, though. Any of you have the relevant magazine issues?

  • "Kitty Loses Her Faith" Weird Tales, #333, Fall 2003
  • "Kitty and the Mosh Pit of the Damned" Weird Tales #338, Jan-Feb 2006
  • "Looking After Family" Realms of Fantasy, February 2007
  • "Kitty's Zombie New Year" Weird Tales #345

Comments (3)

Yeah, Car­rie Vaughn is one of my new favorites. Of all of the “badass chick who’s real­ly a werewolf/​ vampire/​ vam­pire-hunter/ witch/​ shaman/​ what­ev­er” authors, she’s by far the best, IMHO. 

New authors? Have you tried Storm Con­stan­tine? Cath­erynne Valente? Jacquline Cary? Robert Hold­stock? Francesca Lia Block? George R.R. Mar­tin? James Reese? If you’ve missed any of the above, check ‘em out, and enjoy!

You temptress you! I don’t need any more books to read. Real­ly. I don’t.

Hi, Satyr! I like Kit­ty much bet­ter than, say, Bet­sy in the “Undead” series (anoth­er blonde, though Vaughn said she couldn’t think of any blonde heroes oth­er than Buffy). She calls her­self whiny, but she isn’t near­ly as annoy­ing as Ani­ta Blake when she’s off on one of her guilt trips. The fact that her courage is per­son­al, rather than com­ing from her added abil­i­ties as a were­wolf, makes her more of a hero in my mind.

I think I may have read a short sto­ry by Con­stan­tine at some point, but I’m fair­ly sure I haven’t read any nov­els. Which do you sug­gest? I’ve nev­er heard of Valente, Hold­stock, or Reese before, but I’ll look them up. 

I read the first two of Carey’s Kushiel nov­els, but Sam said the third isn’t Cyn-safe. He offered to mark off the parts I shouldn’t read, but I real­ly can’t trust myself to stop even though I know I should. I HATE miss­ing any­thing, but I’ve got way too much real-life night­mare fod­der, and seri­ous­ly can’t han­dle any­thing that graph­i­cal­ly describes child abuse.

I’ve read sev­er­al of Block’s nov­els, and I think my daugh­ter owns almost all of them. I enjoyed the Weet­zie Bat books, but just can’t get into Vio­let and Clare for some reason. 

I start­ing read­ing the Wild Card books back when they first start­ed, but found them ter­ri­bly dark and just not sat­is­fy­ing, for some rea­son. I’m not a big super­hero fan, and I can­not stand hav­ing heroes die. I thought they’d gone away, ’til read­ing some­thing on Vaughn’s web site about her read­ing for a new anthol­o­gy. That’s all that comes to mind right off when I think about Martin.

Thanks for the recommendations!