Gaming & Podcasting & TV, oh my!

Sam has start­ed anoth­er pod­cast in cahoots with Bill Wal­ton. This one, Square One, is for com­plete­ly new gamers. Check it out — they’ve done a good job. I’m in one episode, though I don’t think that one’s up yet. Sam and I are part of a group play­ing Out in the Black, a Seren­i­ty RPG […]

School Update

School is going along fine. In fact, anoth­er semes­ter is almost done for me, and Katie’s almost at the end of her semes­ter, too. She’s kick­ing ass and tak­ing names. Now that she’s set­tled aca­d­e­m­i­cal­ly, she’s stretch­ing out into some extracur­ric­u­lar stuff and mak­ing more friends. We’ve man­aged to con­nect with a Girl Scout troop, […]

Quote of the Day: May Sarton

We are able to laugh when we achieve detach­ment, if only for a moment. –May Sar­ton I do at least a dozen sil­ly things every day, thanks in part to fibro fog. The soon­er I let go of my anger and frus­tra­tion and laugh at myself, the soon­er my stress lev­els go back down, allowing […]

Poetry: Things You Didn’t Put On Your Resume

Things You Did­n’t Put On Your Resume –Joyce Sut­phen How often you got up in the mid­dle of the night when one of your chil­dren had a bad dream, and some­times you woke because you thought you heard a cry but they were all sleep­ing, so you stood in the moon­light just lis­ten­ing to their breath­ing, and […]

Planned Parenthood of Georgia Offers Free Emergency Contraception 12/6/06

From Planned Par­ent­hood of Geor­gia: Free EC! Decem­ber 6, 2006! We’re cel­e­brat­ing increased access to emer­gency con­tra­cep­tion (EC)! EC can safe­ly and effec­tive­ly pre­vent preg­nan­cy if start­ed with­in five days of unpro­tect­ed sex. Every­one, regard­less of age, can get EC at Planned Par­ent­hood — and now, for peo­ple 18 and old­er, EC is avail­able over the […]

Poetry: Great Cathedrals

Great Cathe­drals –George Bil­gere From The Good Kiss Before a date, my col­lege room­mate Used to dri­ve his can­dy-apple red Camaro Down to the car wash and spend the after­noon Wash­ing, wax­ing, vac­u­um­ing it, Detail­ing the chrome strips, buff­ing the fend­ers, Spray­ing the big expen­sive tires With their raised white let­ter­ing That said some­thing like Intrud­er Or Marauder, […]

Poetry: The Longly-Weds Know

The Long­­ly-Weds Know –Leah Fur­nas From To Love One Anoth­er That it isn’t about the Gold­en Anniver­sary at all, But about all the unre­mark­able years that Hall­mark does­n’t even make a card for. It’s about the 2nd anniver­sary when they were sur­prised to find they cared for each oth­er more than last year And the 4th when both kids […]

Researchers say pain from fibromyalgia is real

Not that it’s news to those of us who have it, but it’s good to be val­i­dat­ed! Fibromyal­gia often has been mis­di­ag­nosed as arthri­tis or even a psy­cho­log­i­cal issue. Increas­ing­ly, though, the sci­en­tif­ic knowl­edge about fibromyal­gia is grow­ing, and a new paper from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Michi­gan Health Sys­tem says there are “over­whelm­ing data” that […]

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