Aisle Be Damned

By Gene Wein­garten I think we can all agree with our pres­i­dent that gay mar­riage is a grave threat to Amer­i­ca, because if it weren’t, our pres­i­dent would not have this issue to flog and might lose the elec­tion, and…


Taken from d2leddy. I found them inter­est­ing enough to answer them in his jour­nal. 1. Tell me some­thing obvi­ous about you. 2. Tell me some­thing about you that many don’t know. 3. What is your biggest fear? 4. Do you nor­mal­ly go…

Tuesday, Right?

Gentle hugs to mique_mique, who was rear-end­ed this morn­ing. Bad dri­vers! Boo! Sor­ry, sweet­ie. I’m tak­ing a break from home­work (com­bined with vol­un­teer work—double-dipping!). Noth­ing ter­ri­bly excit­ing hap­pen­ing here.  Geor­gia has entire­ly too many coun­ties. I’m work­ing on an image map…

QOTD: Earl Warren

It would indeed be iron­ic if, in the name of nation­al defense, we would sanc­tion the sub­ver­sion of one of those lib­er­ties which make the defense of our nation worth­while. –Earl War­ren, jurist (1891–1974)

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