Tuesday, Right?

Gentle hugs to mique_mique, who was rear-ended this morning. Bad drivers! Boo! Sorry, sweetie.

I’m taking a break from homework (combined with volunteer work—double-dipping!). Nothing terribly exciting happening here.

Georgia has entirely too many counties. I’m working on an image map of the state by county for a Georgia freecycle website, and it’s crazy. I tried to find one already done online, and I’m sure there IS one out there somewhere, but my Google was unproductive.

In addition to the website for the guy we spoke to Saturday, we’re 95% sure we’ve gotten a deal with the cleaning service for a website to be bartered for cleaning. YAY!

curiousmay9 and neighbor D tilled the garden plot this week and removed the bones Karli had sown. Much to Karli’s disappointment, the bones never sprouted.

She has most of the winter garden planted now—cabbage, collard greens, two kinds of lettuce, broccoli, lavender, carrots, 2 kinds of onions, 3 kinds of spinach, and assorted dropped beans. The snow peas and thyme will go in shortly.

The rosemary bush is supposed to be coming over from the cottage soon, which makes me happy. I don’t think there can ever be too much rosemary.

And the roses will finally be going into the ground, along with some sort of bulbs curiousmay9 brought home.

It’s time to treat all the indoor plants with Bitter End again. I don’t like how it smells, but it seems to be the only thing that keeps the three younger cats out of the plants. Right now they’ve completely uprooted two of them!

The Wandering Jew I got before we moved here is still growing incredibly. I don’t know that I can bring it inside for the winter. sambear put it in the shed for protection during the storms. We should probably check the shed for independent vines, as they’ve been left everywhere else that plant has been. The shoots drop off and root in the shallowest places! There’s less than an inch of dirt on a low spot on the patio, but it’s full of a thriving green and purple colony now.

I wish I could grow coleus, as I adore the variety of colors they have. Every time I’ve tried in the last few years, though, they’ve gotten too leggy. shadowkatt had a huge dark red (nearly black) one in her room, but it died due to ongoing feline depredations.

25 years ago, if you’d told me or my parents that I’d be excited about growing things, we would have all had a great laugh at your expense.

Back to the bitmap mines!

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