Silly Horoscope/Colors/Cleaning

I laughed out loud at this, so I fig­ured I’d give y’all a chance to do so, too:

Dear Cyn­thia,
Here is your horo­scope for Fri­day, Feb­ru­ary 13:
You’re the black cat that cross­es every­one’s path, purring all the way. A strong rep­u­ta­tion saves you from doing too much work. If the stars always treat­ed you this well, you’d be an unstop­pable force.

I can­not say how much I enjoyed sleep­ing in this morn­ing, thanks to sam­bear. I did­n’t mind get­ting him to the bus each week­day morn­ing, but I am very hap­py that he found a ride!

I think I picked up this Style Ideas mag­a­zine at Home Depot last time we were there. Any­way, it found its way into my hands this morn­ing. Dan­ger! Dan­ger, Will Robin­son! That led me to the Behr web­site, which could eas­i­ly suck up hours of my time. I want the Behr and Glid­den CD-ROMs but don’t see any­thing on the Behr web­site about how to get one. Yet. I guess I’ll have to go INTO a store for that.

The Glid­den web­site has a thing on the front page that says “Fall In Love With Col­or!” I already am in love with col­or, dangit!

Hap­pi­ly, curiousmay9 and sam­bear and I have sim­i­lar tastes in col­or for dec­o­rat­ing. I don’t want white walls any­more, dammit! In fact, I have a table­cloth that has all the right col­ors on it. I want much more of that fab­ric, though. I wish I had match­ing chair cush­ions, at the very least.

Good strip

I do believe I’m going to go use the stretch­ing video I checked out of the library, then get a show­er. I haven’t yet fin­ished the house­clean­ing for the gamers who’ll be com­ing over tomor­row. I can’t do much more than the declut­ter­ing, unfortunately—I’m going to have to depend on sam­bear for real clean­ing. I hate hav­ing fibromyalgia!

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