Mommy Mindset Deactivated

I had one of those “ohmigod” moments at school this evening.

I’m not in “Mom­my mind­set” when I’m at school. As it’s very dif­fi­cult for me to get OUT of that mind­set, this is actu­al­ly a Very Good Thing.

I had for­got­ten that Sam was going to run by and have Katie bring me a key­card for the com­plex gate. We had been giv­en a break from class so that the vast major­i­ty of the stu­dents could go to the IT lab and get SPSU accounts so they could log in to the PCs in our lab. I had gone to the bath­room and was walk­ing back. A pret­ty young lady was walk­ing toward me, but I was­n’t real­ly LOOKING at her. She was­n’t out of place or any­thing. And it did­n’t reg­is­ter at all, until she said, “Mom­my!” that it was KATIE.


To make mat­ters worse, some­one asked me after­ward if we BOTH attend class­es there. And I real­ly think he want­ed her num­ber or email address or some­thing. I was still utter­ly off-kil­ter from see­ing Katie that way, but I think my tone of voice DID man­age to relate my utter loathing and the fact that he should be ashamed when I said, “NO! She’s TWELVE YEARS OLD!”

I am now accept­ing trust­wor­thy vol­un­teers to patrol around my child at all times. Must be real­ly, real­ly good at glar­ing with that, “What are you lookin’ at? GO AWAY!” look.

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