Mommy Mindset Deactivated

I had one of those “ohmigod” moments at school this evening.

I’m not in “Mommy mindset” when I’m at school. As it’s very difficult for me to get OUT of that mindset, this is actually a Very Good Thing.

I had forgotten that Sam was going to run by and have Katie bring me a keycard for the complex gate. We had been given a break from class so that the vast majority of the students could go to the IT lab and get SPSU accounts so they could log in to the PCs in our lab. I had gone to the bathroom and was walking back. A pretty young lady was walking toward me, but I wasn’t really LOOKING at her. She wasn’t out of place or anything. And it didn’t register at all, until she said, “Mommy!” that it was KATIE.


To make matters worse, someone asked me afterward if we BOTH attend classes there. And I really think he wanted her number or email address or something. I was still utterly off-kilter from seeing Katie that way, but I think my tone of voice DID manage to relate my utter loathing and the fact that he should be ashamed when I said, “NO! She’s TWELVE YEARS OLD!”

I am now accepting trustworthy volunteers to patrol around my child at all times. Must be really, really good at glaring with that, “What are you lookin’ at? GO AWAY!” look.

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