College Textbook Racket

Hey, I just real­ized WHY we have to buy so many books—it’s job secu­ri­ty for the pro­fes­sors! I mean, who writes most textbooks—professors, right? And I’m tak­ing four cours­es in tech­ni­cal com­mu­ni­ca­tions. A lot of books, even when they’re written…

Nope, No Trouble Here

Oh — Yahoo final­ly replied to my ques­tion about the mail­ing list that dis­ap­peared for 5 days. Accord­ing to them, it was nev­er down. Nope, no prob­lems at all. Obvi­ous­ly, all 392 of us on the list were sim­ply hallucinating!

Fall Semester Books

As if either one isn’t dif­fi­cult enough to deal with by itself: Obe­si­ty, depres­sion pro­vide dou­ble-wham­my to heart I’ve decid­ed that all pro­fes­sors should be required to print, right there on the syl­labus next to the name of the required texts,…

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