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It Burns!

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Kvetching, Reading | Posted on 09-09-2008


I was reading Eileen Wilks' Tempting Danger and mostly enjoying it, until I hit one of the sex scenes. And then, she wrote something like, "This time adagio,1 rather than fortissimo.2"

There wasn't one editor or proofreader with any musical knowledge? Those are very basic terms.

Of course, at one point a character's name changes from "Therese" to "Josefa" with no explanation. And while I won't swear to it, I'm pretty sure that the organization called "Church of the Redeemer" had a different name at one point ("Church of the Exalted" maybe).

1 Meaning "slow, leisurely tempo"

2 Which means "very loud"

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Lau­rel K. Hamilton’s books have been sim­i­lar­ly poor­ly edit­ed, and I find that very distracting.