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It Burns!

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Kvetching, Reading | Posted on 09-09-2008


I was read­ing Eileen Wilks’ Tempt­ing Dan­ger and most­ly enjoy­ing it, until I hit one of the sex scenes. And then, she wrote some­thing like, “This time ada­gio, rather than for­tis­si­mo.

There wasn’t one edi­tor or proof­read­er with any musi­cal knowl­edge? Those are very basic terms.

Of course, at one point a character’s name changes from “Therese” to “Jose­fa” with no expla­na­tion. And while I won’t swear to it, I’m pret­ty sure that the orga­ni­za­tion called “Church of the Redeemer” had a dif­fer­ent name at one point (“Church of the Exalt­ed” maybe).

1 Mean­ing “slow, leisure­ly tem­po”

2 Which means “very loud”

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Lau­rel K. Hamilton’s books have been sim­i­lar­ly poor­ly edit­ed, and I find that very dis­tract­ing.