I’ve just fin­ished read­ing Seduced by Moon­light, the new Mer­ry Gen­try nov­el from Lau­rell Hamilton.
It’s 367 pages of sex with some vio­lence, cov­er­ing maybe three days of sto­ry­time. End­less descrip­tions of beau­ti­ful peo­ple (most­ly male) with excru­ci­at­ing details about their cloth­ing. Not only is Gen­try is becom­ing all-pow­er­ful, but ancient objects of great pow­er are pop­ping up around her. She’s up to 16 men in her bed. That’s pret­ty much it.

Very fun­ny:
The 213 Things Skip­py is No Longer Allowed to Do in the U.S. Army

You can fool too many of the peo­ple too much of the time.
–James Thurber

He who will not rea­son is a big­ot; he who can­not is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave.
–Sir William Drummond

I had begun writ­ing some­thing last night before going to bed. When I got up today (late after­noon, to be honest—a hor­ri­ble pain day that has kept me in bed), my PC had been reboot­ed by Sam. I don’t know if he even noticed that I had some­thing going on, but I’m annoyed. I hate los­ing info. One of the nice things about each of us hav­ing our own PCs is that we can usu­al­ly walk away at any time and come back to find them exact­ly as we left them. His PC is the only one with­out a burn­er in it, so he might have used mine to burn a disk—but I still don’t like los­ing information.

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