For some rea­son, I’m think­ing about infi­deli­ty again.  No, there has­n’t been any in our rela­tion­ship recently—certainly not that I know of! But once it has hap­pened, it isn’t pos­si­ble to “for­give and for­get.” Any­body who claims to have done so is a liar. For­giv­ing? Yes, that’s pos­si­ble. The for­get­ting isn’t. And it’s always going to be there between […]

Americans Torturing Iraqi Prisoners

Abuse Of Iraqi POWs By GIs Probed G.I.‘s Are Accused of Abus­ing Iraqi Cap­tives U.S. reservists accused of pris­on­er abuse: Six from Mary­land unit are seen in pho­tographs mis­treat­ing Iraqi detainees  Please be aware that the pic­tures at the next link are VERY graph­ic. I lit­er­al­ly threw up. Pic­tures of Iraqis tor­tured by Amer­i­can troops Thanks […]

Adult Polyamory

I recent­ly joined the adult_pagans com­mu­ni­ty. I nev­er could stand the non­sense that makes pagans so high-vol­ume. I’m real­iz­ing now that I real­ly want an “adult poly” com­mu­ni­ty. That’s not quite the name I’d pre­fer, but essen­tial­ly it would be a place where there aren’t end­less ques­tions about “is it poly/cheating/swinging,” ter­mi­nol­o­gy, “is it a […]

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