How many friends?

Since I don’t pimp for friends, I don’t gen­er­al­ly think to much about the num­bers. But I just hap­pened to notice that I’m now list­ed as a friend of 69 peo­ple on LJ. And me with­out any­thing kinky planned to…

Coming Out

Than­ks, miz­moose—I prob­a­bly would­n’t ever have seen this arti­cle with­out you 🙂 Com­ing out comes with unfore­seen benefits


Oooo, I like this. Total­ly unre­lat­ed to what I was think­ing about, though. sla­ma­ra­ma start­ed me  Cur­rent Music: “Blue Cham­pagne” — Man­hat­tan Transfer

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