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Review: Blood From Stone

Blood from Stone (Retrievers, No. 6) Blood from Stone by Laura Anne Gilman

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It feels like a spoiler, but since Gilman says this at the front of the book, I suppose it isn't: Blood From Stone is the last Retrievers novel, at least for a time. She's moving on to focus on other characters in the Cosa Nostradamus universe. I wasn't happy to read that, but after reading the book, I'm okay with it.

Blood From Stone definitely isn't a book to start with if you're new to Gilman's work. The Retrievers series really does need to be read sequentially. If you have read the rest, you know that Gilman has developed a very interesting universe and some very well-developed characters in the series. Book 6 doesn't disappoint at all, and brings the major plot threads to a very satisfactory close. I can't be more specific without real spoilers, though!

I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next novel in the universe, which will focus on Bonnie and the PUPIs (Private, Unaffiliated, Paranormal Investigators). I adore CSI, Bones, NCIS and the like, so I'm curious as to how forensics will work in urban fantasy settings. Jes Battis' A Flash of Hex is supposed to be waiting for me at the library, so by the time I get to Hard Magic I'll have something else to compare it to.

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