Semester done!

I took my project man­age­ment final tonight, so I’m done with the semes­ter! Now I’m try­ing to down­load the text­book files for next semes­ter, but the ebook serv­er is hav­ing Issues. 

In the mean­time, I’m lis­ten­ing to some love­ly new music, free and legal, over at The­Six­ty­One. I don’t know how Sam found out about the place, but it’s neat.

That’s instru­men­tal, but so far I’ve heard rap (about D&D!), alter­na­tive, a cap­pel­la, elec­tron­ic, folk, and rock. If it exists, they’ve got it. Maybe by peo­ple you’ve nev­er heard of, but hey, it’s cool!

Please let me know if you want to join, and I’ll send you an invite 🙂 There’s a points sys­tem in use on the site, and it’s a pyra­mid-kin­da thing. You don’t lose any­thing by being referred, but I get points from refer­ring you (and Sam gets points because he referred me).

We had anoth­er real­ly great game last night. A while back, my char­ac­ter devel­oped a seri­ous hate for a necro­mancer arch­mage, and came pret­ty close to killing him. A rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the arch­mage’s coun­cil stepped in and got in her way, impris­on­ing the necro­mancer (not for all the killing he’d done, but for try­ing to muck with the econ­o­my in a big way). They did have to send my char­ac­ter’s broth­er-in-law, dammit. I guess they knew she would­n’t kill him. 

Any­way, the coun­cil was sup­posed to do away with the nasty man, but they had some sort of delay, then asked my char­ac­ter to come in and hear an offer the guy made. I/she would have sworn that there was no way at all any­body could con­vince her to vote against killing him right this minute, destroy­ing his soul, etc. (the method used to exe­cute arch­mages, espe­cial­ly those who have already cheat­ed death by becom­ing a lich, does that). And Sam gave him lever­age that made her/me agree to give him a (brief) chance to redeem him­self before he dies. Arrghh! That man!

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