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Day: June 8, 2008

Too Hot!

It’s 90 degrees F out­side now. It was 103 ear­lier. We’re still in the first week of June. I have no idea what the “effec­tive tem­per­a­ture” (or what­ever they call it) is when the humid­ity is fac­tored in.

Even with monthly fil­ter changes and win­dow units in both bed­rooms, the air con­di­tioner just can’t keep up.

Unfor­tu­nately, I don’t have any rea­son to think we’ll be able to move to points north before we find out what it’s going to be like here in July and August.


Aren’t there any Cana­di­ans who want to adopt a nice fam­ily of three?

Any Plurkers?

That man roped me into another mes­sag­ing thingie, Plurk. If you’re already a mem­ber, I’m Tech­noMom there, of course.

I can’t really blame him, since Twit­ter seems to be down all the time. Pownce never really took off, did it?

I wish Plurk had a desk­top client, though.

I must say that I find Twitter’s excuses for their tech­ni­cal prob­lems fairly ridicu­lous. They used a con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem for a mes­sag­ing plat­form, and nobody thought that would cause prob­lems?