Day: June 8, 2008

Too Hot!

It’s 90 degrees F outside now. It was 103 earlier. We’re still in the first week of June. I have no idea what the “effective temperature” (or whatever they call it) is when the humidity is factored in.

Even with monthly filter changes and window units in both bedrooms, the air conditioner just can’t keep up.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any reason to think we’ll be able to move to points north before we find out what it’s going to be like here in July and August.


Aren’t there any Canadians who want to adopt a nice family of three?

Any Plurkers?

That man roped me into another messaging thingie, Plurk. If you’re already a member, I’m TechnoMom there, of course.

I can’t really blame him, since Twitter seems to be down all the time. Pownce never really took off, did it?

I wish Plurk had a desktop client, though.

I must say that I find Twitter’s excuses for their technical problems fairly ridiculous. They used a content management system for a messaging platform, and nobody thought that would cause problems?