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Apology for the Spam Posts

Posted by Cyn | Posted in Blogging | Posted on 06-05-2007


Please forgive me! I'm investigating what happened, and do not expect a repeat of the incident.

I've been using Twitter Tools, a WordPress plug-in from Alex King (a highly reputable person) for a month or so. I've had no trouble with it 'til now. It wasn't configured to post my Twitter messages to my blog, or to post to Twitter when I made blog posts. Twitter Tools was supposed to display a sidebar widget of Tweets and post a do a daily summary of my Tweets. The daily summary wasn't working, and I hadn't gotten around to figuring out why, but otherwise things were fine. Until 11:59 last night, anyway.

Since the spam didn't hit my Twitter feed, I don't think the problem is with Twitter. If the blog itself were compromised, why would the messages have been posted via Twitter Tools? So I think the security hole is in Twitter Tools or the way Twitter and WordPress work together.

In any case, passwords have been changed all around and the plug-in has been uninstalled. I'll let Mr. King know about the problem immediately.

Thank you for your patience.

I especially appreciate the heads-up from the person who contacted me to let me know that there was a problem. Because of my health issues, I'm not online as much as I used to be, so I wasn't able to rectify the problem right away.

Comments (2)

Is all good — it was only a few posts 🙂 

Oooh! I just noticed your list of recent books. I’ve cur­rent­ly got The 7 habits of high­ly effec­tive peo­ple and Get­ting Things Done out from the library, and I’ve owned The Great Book of Amber for years. Good stuff!

Oh! I missed your birth­day, love­li­ness! I hope it was as mar­velous as you are! *HUGS*

The Amber book seemed so HUGE, then it was all gone! And I want MORE! How dare Zelazny go and die with­out writ­ing more? I mean, real­ly! Sam has been after me for sev­er­al years to read it, and now that I’m done he has to catch up 😉 He hasn’t real­ly read the sec­ond — what, pen­ta­l­o­gy? Just the first, and the gam­ing books. 

Quick­sil­ver got to drag­ging so much that I haven’t picked it up in a while. It’s actu­al­ly so heavy that read­ing it is phys­i­cal­ly dif­fi­cult. I should update that list, as I’ve fin­ished Dead Witch Walk­ing and Kel­ly Armstrong’s Bro­ken. Now I want all of Kim Harrison’s oth­er books! And Kel­ley Arm­strong is start­ing a new series. I made the mis­take of read­ing the teas­er chap­ter at the end of Bro­ken. Stu­pid me!

I’m hav­ing lots of trou­ble with school­work, but small­er books are more acces­si­ble than any­thing on a screen or non-fic­tion/school stuff in gen­er­al. Well, except Quick­Sil­ver. Stitch­ing isn’t real­ly hap­pen­ing, though.