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Sites for Music Lovers

  • Last​.fm is a won­der­ful place to keep up with artists you know you like and to dis­cover new ones. The scrob­bling fea­ture works with many devices and pro­grams to track the music you lis­ten to, if you want to share that infor­ma­tion with friends (and see what they lis­ten to). I love the “radio” fea­ture in their own appli­ca­tion, but it’s just based on one artist.
  • Pan­dora is another way to dis­cover great music. Enter the names of some artists you like, and it’ll cre­ate a radio sta­tion that plays those artists and sim­i­lar ones you’ll love, based on the Music Genome Project.
  • Pandora-​​FM is the best of both worlds — a Pandora/Last.FM mash-​​up. You get Pandora’s radio sta­tion plus Last.FM’s scrob­bling and rat­ing abilities.
  • Noise­trade is the place to down­load totally free, legal music from up and com­ing artists. There’s no junk here — it’s all good stuff, and you can find every­thing from folk to hip-​​hop to alter­na­tive to metal and gospel.
  • If you don’t have a Songify account yet, go open one now. You can get a free account, but if you have a smart­phone you’ll prob­a­bly be tempted into the pre­mium account before long, and it’s def­i­nitely worth­while. Their music library is incred­i­ble. The only songs I haven’t found there when I’ve searched have been filk (a regret­table ommis­sion, and one I have sug­gested that they rec­tify). You can share your playlists with oth­ers and even store your own music on their servers for lis­ten­ing with­out tak­ing up all the space on your mobile device.
  • Are you old enough to remem­ber mix tapes? Then you might enjoy 8tracks​.com. Tell them what you feel like hearing
  • Stere­o­mood calls itself “emo­tional inter­net radio” and lets you choose what to hear based on the mood you’re in.
  • Musi­cov­ery com­bines moods and artists to suit your lis­ten­ing tastes even more closely.
  • Songza takes a dif­fer­ent approach, orga­niz­ing playlists by activity.
  • I’ve always had a soft spot for a capella music, so I was absolutely delighted to find the Con­tem­po­rary A Cap­pella Society’s web page and Pri­mar­ily A Capella, a won­der­ful catalog!
  • Need to look up an artist, album, or song? you need All­Mu­sic.
  • is the very best pub­licly avail­able source of music metadata.
  • Discogs claims to be the largest and most accu­rate music database.
  • The Best of NPR Live
  • I just ran across the Ulti­mate Band List while look­ing for info on one of my favorite artists – it’s a very use­ful site.
  • BluesWEB is a must-​​visit site for any­one who enjoys the blues.
  • Dirty Linen is the source for infor­ma­tion about folk and world music, fol­lowed closely by Rootsworld.
  • Do you enjoy Celtic music? Visit Ceo­las and then hit Reel Music—the Celtic music network.
  • Ladys­lip­per is a non-​​profit orga­ni­za­tion whose cat­a­log is one of the best sources for music by women.
  • I love lul­la­bies so much that I may end up mak­ing a page about them – but there’s an incred­i­ble resource for Lul­la­bies and Other Kids’ Songs already out there.
  • Can’t remem­ber the words to that song? Try one of these lyric databases:
  • HNH Inter­na­tional is an excel­lent source for clas­si­cal, Chi­nese and other recordings.

Last updated Decem­ber 19, 2000