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Has any­one ever reg­is­tered suc­cess­fully at ThinkEx­ist? I’ve tried many times, with dif­fer­ent addresses, and never received even one con­fir­ma­tion mes­sage. I’ve also tried using their con­tact form many times, with no response. I finally tried con­tact­ing them via their domain reg­is­tra­tion address today.

Google says I’m not the only one who has expe­ri­enced this prob­lem, but I’m not find­ing a whole bunch of com­plaints, either.

School & More Reading

Reg­is­tra­tion closes tomor­row, so I have to decide before the end of the day whether or not I’m tak­ing classes for sum­mer semes­ter or not. Bah. I want a break, but if I’m not in school my stu­dent loans come out of deferment.

I’ve been read­ing – and lov­ing–Patri­cia Briggs’ Mercy Thomp­son books. They’re a lot of fun, so I’m push­ing them at Sam, too.

Briggs has some amus­ing infor­ma­tion on her site about sil­ver bul­lets, includ­ing a reprint (with per­mis­sion, of course) of an old Gun World arti­cle, Long Ranger, Go Away!

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