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Has anyone ever registered successfully at ThinkExist? I’ve tried many times, with different addresses, and never received even one confirmation message. I’ve also tried using their contact form many times, with no response. I finally tried contacting them via their domain registration address today.

Google says I’m not the only one who has experienced this problem, but I’m not finding a whole bunch of complaints, either.

School & More Reading

Registration closes tomorrow, so I have to decide before the end of the day whether or not I’m taking classes for summer semester or not. Bah. I want a break, but if I’m not in school my student loans come out of deferment.

I’ve been reading–and loving–Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson books. They’re a lot of fun, so I’m pushing them at Sam, too.

Briggs has some amusing information on her site about silver bullets, including a reprint (with permission, of course) of an old Gun World article, Long Ranger, Go Away!