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About Cyn Armistead

Cyn Armistead is Katie's mother, Esther's Mémé, Rick's partner, a professional geek, and a writer. Katie and Cyn enjoyed a homeschooling adventure until Katie entered college, and they still feel a close affinity for home educators. She lives in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area with Rick and their critters, Harpo the dog and cats Django Whitefoot and Tully Monster.

She inherited her distaste for all things that don't work well from her father, Bill Roberson. In her, it has grown into a habit of imposing order on her environment, stopping the spread of entropy whenever possible and setting up systems to spread serenity. Thus, she became the Enemy of Entropy. She thanks her mother, Dianna Roberson (née Goss), for introducing her to the world of letters, words, and books. Cyn is also the Slayer of Red Tape Dragons, THE Mommy, and She Who Says What Must Be Said (especially when people don't want, but need, to hear it).

She enjoys designing and stitching counted-thread needlework, knitting, reading, singing, coloring, live acoustic music, science fiction and fantasy, and tabletop roleplaying games. She volunteers with Bluehair Technology, empowering older adults to use today's technology. She and Rick also foster kittens who are too young to be adopted for Lifeline Animal Project.

Cyn works for Apple as a Senior Technical Advisor. Detailed information about Cynthia's work outside the home may be found on her resume. She also has a few writing samples available.

Someday she'll write an actual biographical entry, but for now she wants to make it easier for old friends to find her by mentioning the names she has lived and worked under throughout her life. Her family called her Cindy, so really, really old friends know her as Cindy Roberson (and she doesn't answer to Cindy otherwise). Her first husband was high-school sweetheart Scott Allen Hall, so she was known as Cindy or Cynthia Hall for a short time. Husband number two and father of her daughter Katie was the late Wayne Armistead, from whence came her current last name. She was briefly married to Paul Smathers, and known during that time as Cynthia Smathers or Cynthia Armistead-Smathers. She was Sam Chupp's life partner for 14 years. She was born in Gadsden, Alabama but largely grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and has spent most of her life as an Atlantan other than a brief sojourn in Dublin, Georgia.

Online, she's been TechnoMom since 1995. When she was on AOL, she went by CynthiaLyn, FlameOpal, or TLACyn (Tech Live Advisor Cyn). She also had a screen name for use in the Homework Help forums, but isn't absolutely certain of what it was—maybe ProfCyn? TeachCyn? She's the same person online and offline, under any name or handle.

She enjoys hearing from friendly people, so please leave comments or use the contact form.