Language Arts

Con­fes­sion: Home­school­ing is a great excuse for buy­ing cool stuff I wish I’d got­ten to play—um, learn—with as a kid. But as our kids out­grow some things, I guess I’ll have to just push them on oth­er peo­ple for their kids. Or maybe I could start writ­ing reviews some­where? There’s an excuse. Right. Because, and […]

Dimensions of Musical Preferences

What Your Taste in Music Says About You It showed that musi­cal pref­er­ences could be orga­nized into the fol­low­ing four gen­er­al dimen­sions accord­ing to the lev­el of com­plex­i­ty, emo­tion, and ener­gy found in each musi­cal style:  Reflec­tive and complex—classical, jazz, blues, and folk Intense and rebellious—alternative, rock, and heavy met­al Upbeat and conventional—pop, reli­gious, coun­try, and sound­tracks Ener­getic and […]

After the First P‑D Session

Fas­ci­nat­ing arti­cle about Rand Beers: For­mer Aide Takes Aim at War on Ter­ror I got the link from Diane Duane’s blog. She talks about her writ­ing process in Writer-In-A-Can 1: Meet­ing the Tran­scen­dent Pig. I had a P‑D ses­sion last night. I am bruised. I’m not expe­ri­enc­ing the pain cas­cades that sam­bear (and I, hon­est­ly) feared. […]

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