Neuropsychology of the Playground

The Neu­ropsy­chol­o­gy of the Play­ground I’m putting the link here because it seems inter­est­ing, but I can’t seem to focus on it right now. Or any­thing else, like writ­ing my final for the tech writ­ing course, which is due today by 5:30. Maybe I should go show­er and see if that will help.

LJ Slut Meme

Thoughts on the LJ Slut Meme 1) There are 8 cat­e­gories (met, hugged, date, seen top­less, seen naked, made out, oral sex, f*cked). Why are there 10 check box­es? 2) There should be a way to say “hey, that’s my KID, dammit!” or oth­er­wise take some­one out of the list. I took our three off my friends […]


Does any­one know any­thing about EPC­parts? There’s a fair­ly low-priced pro­mo­tion­al offer from them to edu­ca­tors that’s being passed around on home­school­ing lists, but I haven’t ever heard of them before. I saw a cou­ple of sites claim­ing that they’re spam­mers, but the only oth­er things I could find were edu­ca­tors for­ward­ing sim­i­lar offers around […]

Good News & Grades

Oh wow! I actu­al­ly got a $100 check from for telling our apart­ment com­plex we found them via their site! Woo hoo! It’s dat­ed June 17-now I wish I’d checked the mail a few days ago. But what a nice sur­prise! So the oral pre­sen­ta­tion went extreme­ly well, accord­ing to the feed­back I’ve had […]


Fid­dle­sticks. We have to be in “pro­fes­sion­al dress” for our oral pre­sen­ta­tions in class today. That means all gussied up. I haven’t used the blow dry­er or curl­ing iron since the move, and I have absolute­ly NO idea where they are. Grrrr! Edit: I did find them. In a com­plete­ly illog­i­cal place, of course.

Cool Freeware

Yes, I’m up far too late. I’m too hyper to sleep at the moment—and I’m pol­ish­ing my home­work for tomor­row. Yes, it’s done, I’m just a per­fec­tion­ist. And the dan­ger of choos­ing inter­est­ing top­ics for one’s projects is that you don’t want to let go of them! Any­way, I’ve been using this mar­velous piece of freeware […]

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