Shirts & Putty

Amer­i­can Apol­o­gy Shirt I don’t have the guts to wear it around here, but I could­n’t help laugh­ing 🙂 Yes, I know there’s a domes­tic ver­sion. That is tempt­ing. And then there’s Think­ing Putty!


Does any­one know any­thing about EPC­parts? There’s a fair­ly low-priced pro­mo­tion­al offer from them to edu­ca­tors that’s being passed around on home­school­ing lists, but I haven’t ever heard of them before. I saw a cou­ple of sites claim­ing that they’re…


Fiddle­sticks. We have to be in “pro­fes­sion­al dress” for our oral pre­sen­ta­tions in class today. That means all gussied up. I haven’t used the blow dry­er or curl­ing iron since the move, and I have absolute­ly NO idea where they…

Cool Freeware

Yes, I’m up far too late. I’m too hyper to sleep at the moment—and I’m pol­ish­ing my home­work for tomor­row. Yes, it’s done, I’m just a per­fec­tion­ist. And the dan­ger of choos­ing inter­est­ing top­ics for one’s projects is that you…

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