After the First P‑D Session

Fasci­nat­ing arti­cle about Rand Beers:
For­mer Aide Takes Aim at War on Terror

I got the link from Diane Duane’s blog. She talks about her writ­ing process in Writer-In-A-Can 1: Meet­ing the Tran­scen­dent Pig.

I had a P‑D ses­sion last night. I am bruised. I’m not expe­ri­enc­ing the pain cas­cades that sam­bear (and I, hon­est­ly) feared. I am very, very sore, but I’m out of pain meds so that’s to be expect­ed. I’m still pro­cess­ing what hap­pened dur­ing the ses­sion. Those who know me well know that pro­cess­ing can take a real­ly long time 🙂

I got shad­owkatt back yes­ter­day! I’ve missed her SO much! She’s sound asleep, absolute­ly worn out by all the vis­it­ing. I’m let­ting her rest, as she has those nasty dark cir­cles under her eyes that tell me it’s sleep now or a pain flare soon.

We had a nice vis­it from jupiter­corn­wall, isar­ma and the ever-ener­getic D last night, in addi­tion to keira­cait­lyn. That was the first time any­one out­side our clos­est fam­i­ly of choice has been in the apart­ment. No, the place was­n’t ready, but we did get a lot done before any­one arrived thanks to Sam and Katie. Yes, we’re mak­ing progress!

Any­body got a pow­er adapter for a Palm M1xx cra­dle? We can’t find mine. The cra­dles, yes we can find sev­er­al of those—just not the pow­er adapter, so I can’t recharge my PDA. I don’t want to go buy anoth­er cra­dle for $30, but I may have to do so to get the pow­er adapter.

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