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Taken from noelfi­gart:
A — Age: 36
B — Birth­day: Novem­ber 12
C — Chil­dren: 1 bio (shad­owkatt, 2 step (real_pochacco and lit­tle­fire­fae)
D — Diet: Hmmm—thinking about going back on WW
E — Exer­cise: Well, I toured the Y today? And as soon as I get a mem­ber­ship I’ll go back to water exercise.
F — Favourite food: sam­bear’s bis­cuits
G — Gar­den: Are you kid­ding? Green side goes up, right?
H — Home: Atlanta. Well, I’m orig­i­nal­ly from Gads­den, Alaba­ma but Atlanta is home.
I — Ill­ness­es: This jus­ti­fies the cut tag all by itself. Fibromyal­gia, osteoarthri­tis, spondy­loarthropa­thy, pos­si­ble seroneg­a­tive rheuma­toid arthri­tis, Sjo­gren’s Syn­drome, Ray­naud’s Phe­nom­e­na. Com­plex post-trau­mat­ic stress dis­or­der lead­ing to long-term prob­lems with depres­sion and anx­i­ety. Oh, I for­got the PCOS and allergies.
J — Job: At the moment I’m a stu­dent and moth­er. In the past:
Ages 25 to 36: I’ve done soft­ware QA, tech­ni­cal writ­ing, tech sup­port, net­work admin­is­tra­tion, office man­age­ment, tele­mar­ket­ing (oh, excuse me: “appoint­ment set­ting”), account­ing, con­sult­ing, and data mining.
Ages 19–25: I was a Sprint long-dis­tance oper­a­tor doing cred­it card autho­riza­tions when call vol­umes were down, and then I man­aged the self-insured health insur­ance fund for a fun­da­men­tal­ist Chris­t­ian denom­i­na­tion’s for­eign mis­sions board for five years.
Ages 12–18: I was a sec­re­tary and a bank teller/CSR. I worked in a crafts store as a clerk and teacher. I did retail work at Davi­son’s (now Macy’s), was a dis­patch­er for the gas com­pa­ny, worked in the ser­vice office of an HVAC com­pa­ny, was a moth­er’s helper, and did very brief stints dur­ing high school at Baskin Rob­bins and Hardee’s.
K — Keen on: Dark choco­late. Smart, cud­dly, low-dra­ma people.
L — Loca­tion: Atlanta, GA, US
M — Mar­ried: Nope. BTDT three times.
N — Name: Cyn­thia Lynn Armistead
O — Opti­mist or pes­simist: Hope for the best, pre­pare for the worst.
P — Pets: Shel­ley does not believe her­self to be a pet. She has staff.
Q — Quote: Good­ness is love in action, love with its hand to the plow.—James Hamilton
R — Rela­tion­ship: I fig­ure this means roman­tic? Life-part­nered with sam­bear
S — School: I’m in col­lege now.
T — Tal­ents: Um, okay. I sing pass­ably well. I write.
U — Unful­filled ambi­tion: To get a degree. I’m work­ing on it.
V — Vaca­tion in 2003: None planned. Since I don’t work at a nor­mal job, there are times when I feel like I’m always on vacation.
W — Wish: Good health.
X — X‑rays: What am I sup­posed to say? Um, the last thing I remem­ber hav­ing x‑rayed was my low­er back. No, that was an MRI. I don’t know.
Y — Years online: 13
Z — Zodi­ac sign: Scorpio

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