Baby Love and Gaming, Mmm!

We gamed last night. It was the first time in a while that my character was almost wholly useless, relegated to standing back, healing one person (cleric was busy), and singing to inspire greatness and courage in the other party members. It was a combat session, start to finish—not something that happens frequently. But we did achieve our objectives, assassinating an evil general and then freeing a city.

It was the first time we’d had Alisa with us since a few months before Rhianna was born. I was wrong, she’s seven weeks old today. Alisa isn’t interested in any game that isn’t hack ‘n slash, so it was a good time for her to come back. Unfortunately, her character’s sentient sword was destroyed last night. She took it pretty well. I had a strong feeling that she was here to wrap things up and may not be back, but maybe I’m wrong. Alisa was way more energetic than I’ve seen her in the last 10 months, which was great.

I did get Rhianna cuddle time. I was surprised at how wakeful she was, but they said that was normal for her at night. Babies are dangerous. They tempt me to forget that I KNOW I’m too old to really keep up with a baby, and certainly not with a toddler, and that’s the logical progression.

Since all eight current players were here, nobody got a whole lot of “screen time.” It was one of those games when we just stayed in combat mode the whole time, rolling dice and stating our movements. I get annoyed when people haven’t been thinking during their rounds and have to sit there and seriously ponder what they might do when sambear gets to them. That’s silly. To some extent, their actions may depend on what other people have done before them—but you can at least have some options in mind. Not that I had a lot to decide—I held my actions after starting my songs, for the most part.

It wasn’t a productive stitching night. My current piece is boring me to tears, but I have to finish it since it’s a gift. I was holding Rhianna when I wasn’t rolling dice, or the senior cat was occupying my lap (and she can hold down a LOT of lap). Maybe I need to find a bunch of videotapes to watch and have a boring stitching-while-watching marathon. I still haven’t seen the last several episodes of Buffy, and James forgot to bring the tape last night. I taped the Farscape opener last night, but before I watch it I have to find the tape that has the last of the previous episodes because I didn’t get around to watching all of it.

We have to make sure that the girls’ names are on all of their stuff before it gets packed into their bags.

Uh-oh, Sam is hassling a door-to-door newspaper salestwit. He sounds so nice and friendly when he does it, just like when he commits verbal judo on toner sharks who call his office. I guess he needed to gently blow off some aggressive tendencies. I just tell them to go away.

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