Dangit! LJ has been down all day. Now that I’m about to leave to take the girls to camp, it’s up. Of course.

Not that I had anything earth-shattering to say. Most of what I’ve been mulling over in the past day or two has gone into private entries. Geez, using it as an actual journal/diary, who woulda thunk it?

I’m a little down about Katie being gone for a week. I’m not worried—the kid was born social and hasn’t met a stranger yet. She adapts to new situations far better than I ever have. I’m just feeling clingy because my baby is growing up. And next year she definitely wants to do the two-week camp!

I’m hoping to get lots done this week to avoid thinking too much about the absence of both our girls. Maybe I’ll actually finish the filing! Or maybe not. I really hate filing. But it does need to be done.

Katie and I went to visit Papa (my father) yesterday. He’s ruling the world from the hospital bed in the living room. He can get up and walk around, sit outside and enjoy his deck, etc. too, but he has to rest a lot. The hospital bed is much easier for him to get in and out of than a regular bed, and he can adjust it to the angle he’s supposed to lay at. I saw the incisiond—eek! But it looks to be healing very cleanly.

I’m glad this surgery went so well since he’s going to have to have the same thing done in his lower back soon. Sam’s mother has had to have both hips replaced in the last decade. The first surgery didn’t go very well, which made the second one a couple of years ago far more stressful.

Oh—my parents are selling their house! Is anybody interested in a 5 bedroom, 2 bath house with a huge yard in Tucker? It’s a crappy school district, but it’s a pretty convenient place to commute to just about anywhere around Atlanta from because it’s near Spaghetti Junction (but in Gwinnett County).

Gotta go now!

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