Monday: sick kid, annoying doctors

Katie is under the weath­er, and after I real­ized she’d been exposed to strep throat last week I took her to the doc­tor today. See­ing the doc­tor took far less time than find­ing a doc­tor to see. Her “pri­ma­ry care provider” as des­ig­nat­ed on her insur­ance card was­n’t in her office. No prob­lem, I did­n’t mind […]

Over my Flickr Limit? Fun With Photos

I’ve been upload­ing some of the pho­tographs I have scat­tered all over my hard dri­ve, most of them of Katie. Some­how, I out­did my Flickr upload lim­it for the month! I’ve had that account for eons and have no idea what the lim­it is, as I’ve nev­er approached it before. I was shocked when Katie hit […]

They’re STILL here!

Wait—did I men­tion it? No, because I was try­ing not to whine. We’ve had con­trac­tors here for weeks and weeks, repair­ing the bath­room that was slid­ing into the crawl space.  No, real­ly. I have pic­tures. The floor was falling in, the toi­let and sink were slid­ing in from one side, and the tub from the oth­er. There had […]

It’s funny

…what you can con­sid­er peace­ful. There are a half-dozen teens in the next room with sam­bear play­ing Vam­pire. This is a cozy evening at home for us. I chose not to hide out in the bed­room this time, but to stay in the kitchen at the table, which dou­bles as my “desk.” I need to go […]

Girl Update

The oral surgery did­n’t go too bad­ly for Katie, but recov­ery took a lit­tle longer than antic­i­pat­ed. She missed school yes­ter­day. In fact, she was pret­ty much uncon­scious from some­time dur­ing the surgery ’til about 1:30 pm yes­ter­day. She’s at school today. She does­n’t look all chipmunk‑y, despite the doc­tor’s warn­ings of such. She progressed […]

Little Update

I’m try­ing to keep whin­ing to a min­i­mum. More med changes, doc­tors, MRIs, etc. etc. etc. When we got home last night, there was a scoot­er here! For me! Not for­ev­er, just for a week—but it’ll get me through Drag­on Con. I’m very pouty about not see­ing shes_precious there, though :-( I will be there. We have reli­able transportation […]

Save Spoons: Don’t Make the Bed!

No, really—it’s health­i­er! Untidy beds may keep us healthy Research sug­gests that while an unmade bed may look scruffy it is also unap­peal­ing to house dust mites thought to cause asth­ma and oth­er aller­gies. A Kingston Uni­ver­si­ty study dis­cov­ered the bugs can­not sur­vive in the warm, dry con­di­tions found in an unmade bed. The average […]

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