Little Update

I’m trying to keep whining to a minimum. More med changes, doctors, MRIs, etc. etc. etc.

When we got home last night, there was a scooter here! For me!

Not forever, just for a week—but it’ll get me through Dragon Con.

I’m very pouty about not seeing shes_precious there, though 🙁

I will be there. We have reliable transportation to get there, and I have transportation that’ll get me all over the con much better than my own body would.

1) a ticket for shadowkatt, and 2) a place for me to hide and recharge during the day; would both make the weekend easier. Katie was planning to work as a volunteer, but she’s been burning her candle at both ends, then got an icky sinus infection, and Mama isn’t sure the baby is really up to that 20 hours.

curiousmay9 is on her way to Germany—as in, in the air right this very moment—with joyeuse13 and choir. I suppose one could say she’s acting as a chaperone, but I figure she’ll be in the midst of any hijinks, rather than trying to prevent them.

Did I mention that we have a new van? She’s lovely, but she hasn’t yet told us her name.

Kittens. Everywhere. Every time I turn around, there’s someone with a whole litter of kittens needing homes. Back, back, I say! A woman can only take so much!

No kittens yet. Not one. No matter how very cute they are.

That sound you hear? It’s my inner 6-year-old reciting from her prized copy of One Kitten Is Not Too Many!

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