What is the first thing you see when you walk in your house?

The NaBloPo­Mo prompt for today:
What is the first thing you see when you walk in your house?

Right now, the first thing any­body sees is Sam’s desk. No, that isn’t pre­cise­ly right. If you’re look­ing straight ahead at the wall, you see a col­lage by Katie, which is much lovelier.

Davra Collage by Katie Armistead, circa 2006

How­ev­er, our plan is that as soon as Katie’s move is fin­ished (it has been slow­ly pro­gress­ing since June! but things did occur which were beyond her con­trol), we’ll fin­ish rear­rang­ing things in the front room, so that the desk moves out of there completely.

I think the col­lage will be stay­ing right where it is, as I love it dear­ly. I don’t have a great pho­to of it to include here, which is a pity, but Sam did get a shot of it to give you an idea of what it looks like. Katie memo­ri­al­ized a beloved kit­ten who died under sus­pi­cious cir­cum­stances (I blame our for­mer house­mate) mixed with ref­er­ences to the role­play­ing char­ac­ter for whom she was named. Col­lages don’t show as well in 2D, of course.

We’ll prob­a­bly have to arrange a park­ing place for my scoot­er some­where near the door, for prac­ti­cal­i­ty’s sake. I’d like to get a pret­ty light­weight screen, though, so we don’t have to sit and look at it while it’s charg­ing. I love the free­dom the scoot­er gives me, but with­out a garage, it can be a bit of a nui­sance to store.

It would also be nice if I could find room for one of those lit­tle entry­way stor­age bench­es for shoes. We don’t real­ly do shoes inside the house. I have neu­ropa­thy in my feet, but it isn’t dia­bet­ic neu­ropa­thy, just some­thing screwy in my spine. That makes it all right to be bare­foot, right? (I know it isn’t true, but I’m being stub­born about it.)

I like keep­ing live plants and fresh flow­ers around, espe­cial­ly some right around the entry­way. Our most recent cats have made that chal­leng­ing, to say the least. Kioshi believes all plants exist for his eat­ing plea­sure. Gad­get, our newest addi­tion, is at the stage where every­thing must be tast­ed. I think I might try again with some fresh plants soon, but put a lit­tle hot sauce on the leaves (it nev­er deterred Kioshi, but maybe it will work with Gadget).

What do you see when enter­ing your house?

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One thought on “What is the first thing you see when you walk in your house?

  1. The first thing I see when enter­ing my town­house is usu­al­ly my dog­gie 🙂 She gen­er­al­ly greets me as I come in, after bark­ing to chase off the Mon­gol hordes. Next I’m like­ly to see my nephew, and/or what­ev­er he’s been play­ing with often. The last cou­ple days he’s had his Poke­mon cards in var­i­ous and sundry lay­outs. After that, I see the shelves next to the door, as I put my purse in his land­ing place, and put away my shoes.

    If it’s after work, I’m like­ly to head to the din­ing table. My SiL usu­al­ly has din­ner ready about the same time I get home 🙂

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