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The house continues to come together. We need to mount more blinds, but that’s really a two-person job in our two-story entryway, and curiousmay9 is NOT up to it for a while (neither she nor I are allowed on ladders). The main living areas have all but one piece of furniture in place.

We’ve got a problem in the attic with a duct that’s out of place, but again—we can’t do the repair without curiousmay9 or someone else who is mechanically inclined. A duct is loose, so we’re air conditioning the attic as well as sucking all manner of nastiness into the house. We have the flexduct to fix it, just not the woman power at the moment.

Our suite is so close to being done! I found that it worked very well to gather all the boxes of various sorts of cables from all over the house into the living room. Then I sat and visited with curiousmay9 while we sorta-watched Babylon5 DVDs. I think I may do the same with the other boxes that are left. I *hope* the rest of the boxes in the garage are books.

I don’t suppose any of you have experience installing the electrical box in the ceiling to which one connects a ceiling fan, do you? This house doesn’t have any real overhead lighting in the kitchen, living room, or sitting room. We want to put ceiling fans in each of those places.

We still need to clean all the windows, inside and out, so that we can apply the window film. The network wiring needs to be moved inside walls instead of being run along the outside of the walls (which is effective, but unsightly) as it is at the moment.

I had a bit of a panic attack this evening, so I stayed home cuddling with curiousmay9 and overdosing on Farscape. I did eventually get around to emptying several boxes and straightening out some filing.

My wonderful sambear took shadowkatt to jazz and ran errands, after having spent much of the day earlier driving around in ToD.

I think curiousmay9 finds it necessary to push the “resting” limits just a bit at least once every 4-6 hours. She decided that she wasn’t happy with the way the curtains over the sliding glass door were hung, so she stood on the couch to fix them. She promptly got extremely dizzy and weak. She insisted that she would have fallen on soft furniture if she had fallen, but I remain unmollified.

shadowkatt and curiousmay9 have dueling medical appointments tomorrow. IF the girl’s appointment is done in a timely manner, we should technically have no problem getting the Leo to her appointment. I do not trust any medical organization to be so efficient, so we’ll have to be ready to get them to their appointments separately. One car is at the dealership getting a new transmission, though. While Alluna’s (“my” car) A/C is dying, she is reliable. The other available vehicle is ToD, which is extremely basic transportation (and, incidentally, has a refrigerator in his bed at the moment). I fully expect tomorrow to be “interesting” as a result.

Time to anoint my body with unguents and cuddle up with my Bear. Nite, y’all!

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