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The house con­tin­ues to come togeth­er. We need to mount more blinds, but that’s real­ly a two-per­son job in our two-sto­ry entry­way, and curiousmay9 is NOT up to it for a while (nei­ther she nor I are allowed on lad­ders). The main liv­ing areas have all but one piece of fur­ni­ture in place. 

We’ve got a prob­lem in the attic with a duct that’s out of place, but again—we can’t do the repair with­out curiousmay9 or some­one else who is mechan­i­cal­ly inclined. A duct is loose, so we’re air con­di­tion­ing the attic as well as suck­ing all man­ner of nas­ti­ness into the house. We have the flexduct to fix it, just not the woman pow­er at the moment.

Our suite is so close to being done! I found that it worked very well to gath­er all the box­es of var­i­ous sorts of cables from all over the house into the liv­ing room. Then I sat and vis­it­ed with curiousmay9 while we sor­ta-watched Babylon5 DVDs. I think I may do the same with the oth­er box­es that are left. I *hope* the rest of the box­es in the garage are books. 

I don’t sup­pose any of you have expe­ri­ence installing the elec­tri­cal box in the ceil­ing to which one con­nects a ceil­ing fan, do you? This house does­n’t have any real over­head light­ing in the kitchen, liv­ing room, or sit­ting room. We want to put ceil­ing fans in each of those places.

We still need to clean all the win­dows, inside and out, so that we can apply the win­dow film. The net­work wiring needs to be moved inside walls instead of being run along the out­side of the walls (which is effec­tive, but unsight­ly) as it is at the moment.

I had a bit of a pan­ic attack this evening, so I stayed home cud­dling with curiousmay9 and over­dos­ing on Farscape. I did even­tu­al­ly get around to emp­ty­ing sev­er­al box­es and straight­en­ing out some filing. 

My won­der­ful sam­bear took shad­owkatt to jazz and ran errands, after hav­ing spent much of the day ear­li­er dri­ving around in ToD. 

I think curiousmay9 finds it nec­es­sary to push the “rest­ing” lim­its just a bit at least once every 4–6 hours. She decid­ed that she was­n’t hap­py with the way the cur­tains over the slid­ing glass door were hung, so she stood on the couch to fix them. She prompt­ly got extreme­ly dizzy and weak. She insist­ed that she would have fall­en on soft fur­ni­ture if she had fall­en, but I remain unmollified. 

shad­owkatt and curiousmay9 have duel­ing med­ical appoint­ments tomor­row. IF the girl’s appoint­ment is done in a time­ly man­ner, we should tech­ni­cal­ly have no prob­lem get­ting the Leo to her appoint­ment. I do not trust any med­ical orga­ni­za­tion to be so effi­cient, so we’ll have to be ready to get them to their appoint­ments sep­a­rate­ly. One car is at the deal­er­ship get­ting a new trans­mis­sion, though. While Allu­na’s (“my” car) A/C is dying, she is reli­able. The oth­er avail­able vehi­cle is ToD, which is extreme­ly basic trans­porta­tion (and, inci­den­tal­ly, has a refrig­er­a­tor in his bed at the moment). I ful­ly expect tomor­row to be “inter­est­ing” as a result.

Time to anoint my body with unguents and cud­dle up with my Bear. Nite, y’all!

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