One bee sting is bad enough. How about 25?

Okay, to be fair they were injections of various sorts of insect venoms—bees, yellowjackets, hornets, etc. But damn if they didn’t sting, and my arms still hurt despite the fact that I didn’t have an abnormal reaction to any of them. I have no fear of needles, thankfully.

The other shots itched, burned, and felt feverish for several days. They didn’t ache like this, though.

On the bright side, I can take my antihistamines again.

Only one more round of allergy tests to go (for food allergies), and I’m going to put that one off for a few months.

We were blessed by an unexpected gift of an overnight visit from mayremi. It wasn’t nearly long enough, but we’ll take whatever time we can get.

The dryer is working again, thanks to sambear. We’re still working through the laundry backlog, though.

The house is nowhere near as “picked up” as it should be, considering that the maids will be here in the morning. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to sleep ’til almost 4 am, so I’ve been dragging too much to do housework.

Ironically, I spent a lot of that time reading Holistic Sleep, a book by the sleep specialist Katie and I saw recently.

The maids are coming tomorrow, so I’m a damned sight more fortunate than most people.

Wednesday will be an at-home day, but it’s unlikely to really be restful. After the maids, we have the pest control guy coming to inspect the house for borer beetles.

Then the urban wildlife people will be here to figure out how to secure the house against uninvited critters. That’s very necessary, as curiousmay9 and ridinrabbit found a freshly dead raccoon in the attic this weekend. Nasty!

At least it isn’t trying to dig through the siding to get in now. It was probably the one that was Maced last week. It must have come back in after the smell dispersed, and was still inside when its entrance was sealed. Apparently, it ate the rat poison we’d put up there. No sign of kits, thankfully.

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