I must brag. I sub­scribe to Net-Gold, which is a list where select­ed peo­ple find and share the “best” web­sites on the inter­net. I was shocked to find my own page fea­tured on it today.  Yes, I do need to update some links :-) Cyn ======================= There are many per­son­al web pages out there on the inter­net. Some are […]

Think of Something Good…

This week: Hor­rid pain and fibro fog. Unex­pect­ed $420.80 in car repairs. More has­sle from the finan­cial aid depart­ment. $2–3k less finan­cial aid than I was sup­posed to get, and none of it paid to ME yet. On the nicer side, I think that an old friend I want­ed to recon­nect with tried to join the […]


I final­ly got around to sub­scrib­ing to FM Net­work News and FM Aware Mag­a­zine. I’d been inter­est­ed in both for some time, but I was reluc­tant to order pub­li­ca­tions that I haven’t ever had in my hands. My excuse, final­ly, was that I have arti­cles I’d like to sell to those mar­kets, so it’s an investment. […]

9/11 Commission Report Under Attack

Okay, this’ll prob­a­bly start the polit­i­cal argu­ments again, but any­way: Will The Com­mis­sion­ers Cave? Appear­ing Sun­day on ABC’s This Week, Sept. 11 com­mis­sion chair­man Kean fell in line, say­ing repeat­ed­ly that the staff report is only an “inter­im report.” Not only did he note it is “not fin­ished,” the com­mis­sion­ers them­selves have not been involved in […]


Pri­vate craft soars into space, his­to­ry MOJAVE, Cal­i­for­nia (CNN) — Space­ShipOne left the Earth behind on Mon­day morn­ing and made its indeli­ble entry in the his­to­ry books as the first pri­vate space­craft to car­ry humans into space. It touched down safe­ly at Mojave Air­port at 11:15 ET. Cur­rent Mood: :-)excit­ed

Ph33r My l33t Academic Sk1llz!

Well, okay, maybe not quite THAT good. BUT when I start­ed the day, I had two cours­es to do for this semes­ter and five incom­pletes to fin­ish. Now I’ve large­ly got one of the cur­rent cours­es FINISHED, and I’m more than halfway done with incom­plete #5. That’s the course that I detest, Eng­lish 2111 (Ancient World […]

To My Partner, My Daddy, and Wayne

Thank you sam­bear. You are incred­i­ble. You have a gift for lov­ing and nur­tur­ing that leaves me in awe. I am so very grate­ful to have you in my life, and in shad­owkatt’s life. You are a bless­ing. Dad­dy, I love you. Thank you for doing a damned good job of rear­ing me and my […]

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