Ph33r My l33t Academic Sk1llz!

Well, okay, maybe not quite THAT good.

BUT when I started the day, I had two courses to do for this semester and five incompletes to finish.

Now I’ve largely got one of the current courses FINISHED, and I’m more than halfway done with incomplete #5. That’s the course that I detest, English 2111 (Ancient World Literature). It’s been getting in the way of doing anything else.

I figure 1.5 courses (3 semester hours each) in one day is pretty damned good.

It isn’t that I dislike the material in the literature course so much. I shouldn’t have to take any more literature courses, but if I do I don’t want to do them online. I think.

I really miss the discussions. Unfortunately, the other people in the online course seem to be completely incapable of grasping the fact that much of the material we studied is from a pre-Christian era. They see everything through a contemporary Protestant worldview, and their grasp of the material is, shall we say, extremely limited.

I believe that passing a GOOD comparative religions class should be required before taking this course. Actually, I think that’s the case for most courses that require any actual critical evaluation of just about anything. It certainly should have been a prerequisite for the Science, Technology, & Society course I took last semester.

Unfortunately, while I think there is a world religions course at SPSU, I don’t know that it’s any good. I wouldn’t count on it. I’m fairly certain that there isn’t one offered in the eCore program (Georgia University system’s online core curriculum). The fact that I don’t need the credits for it, but I’d take it anyway if I had the time and energy, is simply a mark of what a geek I am.

shadowkatt and I were talking about professors and teaching styles this afternoon. She wondered if there’s a job that allows you to be a mystery shopper for college courses. I don’t think it exists, but I agree with her that it would be a pretty cool job if it did exist.

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