So There!

I must engage in a bit of domestic “I told you so”-ing here.

For the past few years, I’ve been fond of the various laundry sheets or cloths that are supposed to catch dye in the wash. The idea is that if the sheet/cloth catches any dye that comes out of the clothing, it won’t get on the other clothes.

The variety that’s here at the moment is the Shout Color Catcher.

No, I don’t know how they work. I know that they do because while we don’t sort laundry the way I was taught to, we no longer have any problems with pinkish whites and the like.

sambear has been quite dubious as to the efficacy of the sheets. I’m fairly certain that he has simply been humoring me about them.

But now I have proof! You see, this:

was white when it went into the load of colored clothes I washed this afternoon.

One of the items in the wash was a bright tie-dyed shirt that curiousmay9 must not have washed many times before. It is predominantly hot pink, with some purple and blue.

The shirt is fine. So is the rest of the wash, including the whites.

I’m vindicated!

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