Time Travel Closer?

Real­is­tic Time Machine? The laws of physics seem to allow time trav­el, but no one has had much hope of build­ing an actu­al time machine because it would take such exot­ic con­di­tions and mate­ri­als. Now, physi­cist Amos Ori of the Tech­nion Israel Insti­tute of Tech­nol­o­gy in Haifa has come up with a poten­tial­ly more practical […]

Poetry: At the Children’s Violin Concert

At the Chil­dren’s Vio­lin Con­cert –Susan Catal­do From drenched: Select­ed Poems of Susan Catal­do            Firm­ly bowed strands of horse hair            tight­ened or gath­ered up by            a small hand to play            a piece by J.S. Bach who drank 36 cups of cof­fee every day.     I like him because he was     inspired by his belief in God     & he played the […]

Another Day, Another Doctor

I haven’t been post­ing a lot of per­son­al stuff late­ly, large­ly hop­ing to avoid whing­ing too much about pain and such. I saw the new pain doc today, though, and I real­ly like this prac­tice much bet­ter than the first one. The doc­tor actu­al­ly did an exam! (I did have to gig­gle when he asked if […]

Misia and Size Acceptance

misia, aka Hanne Blank, is fea­tured answer­ing Big Fat Blog’s “Three Quick Ques­tions” this week. How did you come to fat accep­tance and fat rights? I’m fat, smart, opin­ion­at­ed, and polit­i­cal­ly active, and have been all these things since I was a teenag­er. I don’t take well to being silenced or told that my ideas […]

Is There Some Other Planet With a Shortage of Idiots?

Excerpt from a let­ter to my pain man­age­ment doc’s office: On each of my last three vis­its to your office, your recep­tion­ist has informed me that my insur­ance was “invalid.” On each occa­sion, I explained, again, that I am a depen­dent on the pol­i­cy. That isn’t an unusu­al sit­u­a­tion, and I haven’t seen the same […]

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