Misia and Size Acceptance

misia, aka Hanne Blank, is fea­tured answer­ing Big Fat Blog’s “Three Quick Ques­tions” this week.

How did you come to fat accep­tance and fat rights?
I’m fat, smart, opin­ion­at­ed, and polit­i­cal­ly active, and have been all these things since I was a teenag­er. I don’t take well to being silenced or told that my ideas don’t mat­ter. And I’ve always thought that behav­ing bad­ly toward peo­ple because of some aspect of their phys­i­cal body — whether that means their skin col­or, their height, their use of crutch­es, their weight, their gen­der expres­sion, the scars on their skin, their gray hair, their bio­log­i­cal sex, what­ev­er — is gen­er­al­ly unjus­ti­fi­able, that whole “can’t tell a book by its cov­er” thing. For me as a pro­gres­sive fem­i­nist, oppos­ing the whole range of phys­i­cal-body-based prej­u­dices and stig­mas is all of a piece. Fat­ness and fat rights hap­pen to be two of my per­son­al issues, so it’s a top­ic I can speak to from the inside. But fat pol­i­tics are not sep­a­rate from my over­all pol­i­tics of inclu­sion and human value.

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